And we are..

If you are wondering what or who ‘flyntrok’ is, we have a story to tell you.

We’ll keep it short. Flint, the rock whose most popular has been to spark off a fire has served mankind well over the ages. The stone age, saw flint being used to make knife blades and other tools. Flint rock is simple yet potent. Over the ages, it has shaped development and sparked fires.

Flyntrok, took flight from that idea. To be able to spark off imagination in a human way to enable people and organisations ready themselves for a changing world.


So, what do we do?

We are a boutique firm, reveling in working with organisations to reimagine work, learning, culture and change. We best operate at the intersection of people, culture and technology. We help rethink, retool and reskill for relevance.

These manifest as projects in adoption of technology tools, redesigning work & learning to facilitate change, working with leaders to build digital capabilities and the like.


How do we work?

The accent is on multi-disciplinary approaches to problem solving with deep listening and conversations. Our quest is to help organisations build new muscle while refreshing the soul.

We have an abiding interest in future of work, the power of storytelling, importance of human processes and whole systems. These we tap into to help organisations ring in change.

our tenets

Learning is work. Work is learning.

The work and context of the work at organisations, being placed at the centre of change work, brings a greater chance of lasting change.

Active Co-Creation

Conversations that examine contexts, imagine scenarios, work out actions plans help ring in change in teams. Autonomy and trust go a long way.

Change Happens Over Time

Adoption of new ways of working is a function of focused, patient effort over a period of time. Mindset shifts are a perpetual beta!


 Our Work is/in Learning is how we started naming a folder where we parked interesting ideas and conversation. It got quickly abbreviated to THE OWL and that’s the name we gave to our blog page. A place where we aggregate our thoughts ideas, experiences, comments in. We keep it free flowing in the spirit of working out loud, sharing and community. Do let us know what you make of it. 

 The OWL Despatch is a fortnightly curation that pulls together perspective on work, learning, change. That too has a backstory that we would love to share someday.

Every edition has five pieces from around the web that we hope will prod minds of the present, the future and our choices. It reaches your inbox every other Tuesday or Wednesday ( depending on which part of the world you are in)! Subscribers recommending it in their networks has been a good affirmation of its value.

It is an artisanal curation and a labour of loveArtisanal. Yes, that’s our approach to our work. And learning too. 


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